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      1. 襄陽市中康汽車配件有限公司
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        標題:Director of Engineering
        姓名:Bill Briskey[2019-03-06]
        留言內容:We are looking for a manufacturer to help us convert engines from gasoline or diesel to Natural Gas. Some engines we may want to replace with a new engine; other engines could be converted by replacing the head and pistons. The goal is to not lose more than 5% horsepower or torque. Some of the engines include Detroit Diesel DD-15; Cummins ISL9, ISL, ISM, ISC; International DT-466, and DT-466E.
        回復:Dear Bill, Thank you for your message. We are the manufacturer of Cummins cylinder head and block, please email me for further information. My e-mail: engineparts@zhongkang.net.cn WhatsApp: 0086 189 34612210 Best regards, Charity
        留言內容:Hello, I am from the USA, our company is looking for Cummins Block with no water jacket. Just solid. Have you supplied this before?
        回復:Hello, Ben, How are you? We have the cylinder block ISB6.7 no coolant, please contact us for detail, thank you. Best regards, Charity email:engineparts@zhongkang.net.cn mobile: 0086 189 3461 2210
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